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Koi Pond

If you’re interested in water-based natural creatures, you might want to stop by the lovely Koi pond in Dubai Butterfly Garden’s Dome 2. Witness the magnificent Koi swim alongside each other in stunning shades of orange, white and gold. The sound of running water adds an element of tranquil serenity to the garden, which we’re sure you’ll appreciate. Hailing from the Far East, the Koi – known as jinli in Mandarin Chinese – are a friendly fish treasured by hobbyists and aquarium owners worldwide.

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Kids Cinema

We understand that it can be tiring to spend hours enthralled by the wonder of our beautiful butterflies, especially for little legs. That’s why we opened the Dubai Butterfly Garden Kids Cinema.
It runs a selection of educational movies, animations and butterfly life cycle, which provides an entertaining and fascinating insight into the lives of our favourite flying creatures. But that’s not all in store for little ones here. We’ve also got a library of family-friendly Disney films to keep them entertained after a couple of hours roaming the butterfly-packed domes. There’s a tidy selection of affordable and tasty treats on offer too – be sure to book your ticket online to get a complimentary popcorn or ice cream to watch your film with, while moms can avail a free coffee or ice cream.
The seating is comfortable, and we’ve taken steps to ensure social distancing is adhered to by all visitors.

Food & Beverage

Exploring the domes to seek out, learn about and photograph – or grab a selfie with – your favourite butterflies can be tiring after a while. That’s why we’ve made Dubai Butterfly Garden a home for fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Order a hand-crafted coffee (moms booking online get one free!) or a scrumptious sandwich.
The health-conscious can tuck into a fruit platter or fresh juice, while those hunting a treat can try one of our ice creams (another freebie for moms booking online) or a candy bar. There are coffee and candy shops, as well as a food kiosk onsite.
Our food and beverage offering includes: gelato, popcorn, nachos, sodas, water, fresh juices, fresh fruits, hot and cold coffee served out of Starbucks machines, tea, fresh sandwiches, ice cream and a selection of candies.


Souvenir Shop

Want something to take home to remember your visit? Dubai Butterfly Garden’s gift shop is the perfect spot to pick up a uniquely wonderful present at a very reasonable price – whether for yourself or someone else. It stocks a broad range of locally made jewellery, as well as carefully preserved butterfly in frames, which will last years. For children, there’s a large selection of toys, books, clothing and accessories.
When a butterfly passes away in our garden, our team gets to work. After preserving its natural beauty, we encase the butterfly in a number of beautiful objects that are made available at reasonable rates in our Souvenir Shop, which is located right next to the Butterfly Museum by the entrance. Some of the most popular products here include butterfly frames, for our larger specimens, while their smaller brethren are available to take home in keychains and refrigerator magnets.